Linda Borst (1985) is a Utrecht based photographer. Eversince she graduated in 2014 from the HKU she does long term projects using a large format camera.  

In her projects she investigates the way in which individuals or communities are influenced by changes in their environment. While these changes are usually determining for both the life style and the life standard, the way in which we cope with these changes can vary tremendously. Documenting and investigating the means by which people approach them is central to her work.



2017  -  Masterclass ‘Stephan Shore’ Huis Marseille.

2015  -  Masterclass 'Voordekunst'.

2010  –  2014 Bachelor in Photographic Design at the ‘Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht’, the Netherlands


-  Paradox, platform for documentary photography.

-  Willeke Duijvekam.


2017  -  Publication of ‘PRORA’ in Incandescent issue 11 by Pine Island Press.

2015  -  Interview and publication on ‘ Mull it Over’.

2015  -  Publication in ‘Ain’t Bad Magazine’ with ‘PRORA’.

2015  -  Publication in the online magazine Plateform, featuring the project ‘PRORA’.

2014  -  Nominated with the book ‘PRORA’ for the Ydocbookapp prize.

2014  -  Online publication at New Dawn, showing 10 images from the body of work ‘PRORA’.

2014  -  Publication of 9 images from the body of work ‘PRORA’ in NRC.Next magazine Offline.

2014  -  VPRO / Fotostudio de Jong – Showing my project ‘Concrete Citizens’ in Episode 3.

2013  -  Interviewed by Kim Bos on the project ‘Concrete Citizens’ in Unst magazine.


Coming up:

June 2022  -  Groups exhibition Chambers Gallery, Ragiora, New Zealand.

2015  -  Exhibition ‘ PRORA’ in Foto21 Bredevoort, the Netherlands.

2015  -   ‘PRORA’ featured as an online portfolio on ‘GUP Magazin

2015  -  Exhibition ‘PRORA’ at Volkshotel, Amsterdam.

2014  -  Group exhibition, ‘PRORA’, as part of the Wallbreakers project, Historic Harbor, Berlin.

2014  -  Group exhibition ‘Exposure’ showing my project ‘PRORA, the Netherlands.

2013  -  Group exhibition 'Turning Pages' at Academic Gallery in Utrecht, showing ‘Concrete Citizens’, the Netherlands.